The beginning of our History

The Trade Company's story

Established in 2015 and based in The Netherlands. With over ten years of experience in international trading in 15 different countries, the founders of The Trade Company started a new exciting venture. A company offering products in line with the markets requirements, specialized in digital solutions of exceptional quality.

Therefore we have high standards and we are continuously striving to the be the best. Our aim is to offer the newest digital products of exceptional quality.  

For our resellers and customers our goals are providing 100% satisfaction, service and quality. We have everything what would be expected from a professional business partner.


What makes us a good business partner

Our added value

Warehousing is one of our strengths. Distribution starts at our warehouse in Amsterdam. An ideal geographical location, located nearby Schiphol Airport and the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). We make sure that goods are being delivered in time to our clients, shipping them throughout Europe by airfreight or road transport.

We’re always looking for new innovations and ways to expand. We want to offer an up to date product portfolio to our customers.

We’re constantly improving our business reliability. To us it’s important to have strong bonds with our suppliers, customers and employees. Our aspiration is to be Europe’s best distributor of consumer and commercial electronics, luxury goods and accessories.

Our Product Portfolio

The Trade Company is a wholesale merchant. We focus on consumer and commercial electronics, luxury goods, accessories and services.

Our choice for digital products is mainly based on what we experience in the market. We aim to conduct the newest products in the business to offer to our costumers. New products are evaluated, selected, and prioritized intensively. We form strong bonds with our suppliers to keep a close eye on innovations to make sure we offer an up to date product portfolio.

SunBriteTV televisions
By adding SunBriteTV to our product portfolio we made sure to offer an high end product to the European market. These true outdoor all weather televisions are a success for over more than ten years in the U.S. We are proud to be Europe’s first distributor of SunBriteTV.

Commercial markets
The SunBriteDS, LCD screens for outdoor digital signage, are capable of enduring harsh climate conditions and provide the best viewing experience for any outdoor location. Applicable at any location such as airports, beach bars, stadiums. SunBriteDS with the 2000 NIT screen provides an ultra bright outside viewing experience, even under direct sunlight conditions.

Digital Signage solutions
The Trade company offers a variety of high end digital signage solutions. Offering stand alone solutions or screens provided with Android based software, we bring our customers high quality bright LCD displays for commercial usage with a luxurious design.

We advise our clients how to drive attention to their products and how digital signage makes their customers interested in what they are selling. The Trade Company offers inspiring ways to display products. We advise our clients in how digital signage helps to drive attention to their products and how it makes their customers interested in what they are selling. Examples of the finest display technology are holographic boxes or transparent LCD boxes. Furthermore we offer special sized LCD displays which are the perfect solution to show advertisements above racks or shelves for example.



Brand Distribution

We are successfully distributing the following brand in Europe.
RS Display
IP Digital