SunBriteTV - True all-weather outdoor television

America's number one finally made its way to Europe

The number one true outdoor Television

Come rain or shine? It doesn't matter anymore!

Get to know SunBriteTV. These televisions will instantly change your opinion on how to watch television. Extend your viewing experience to the outdoors. Reliable and though, SunBriteTV’s are able to handle rain, snow, fog, mist or heat without any problems.

SunBriteTV comes in three types. The Signature Series for residential use. The Pro Series and the Marquee Series are especially build and engineered for permanent outdoor placement in direct sunlight.

SunBriteDS offers digital signage solutions for the professional market.

Signature Series

Thinner design for residential use

This beautiful flat screen television is ready for permanent outdoor placement. The Signature Series is perfect for watching TV in the garden, from the terrace, from the patio or next to the swimming pool. This TV is engineered to be weatherproof and has an durable aluminum exterior with a powder-coating finish.

pro ser

Pro Series

For residential and commercial use

Watching TV in direct sunlight is possible with the Pro Series. This TV is equipped with a front of tempered and anti-reflective glass to provide added protection to the LED screen. This TV is rugged enough to endure all kind of weather elements and situations. A multi-fan airflow system keeps the unit dry and cool.

Marquee Series

Rough, tough and ultra bright

The Marquee Series is engineered for improved outdoor viewing. This TV has an ultra-bright 2000-2500 NIT screen, allowing the screen to directly face the sun without showing effects of isotropic blackouts. An ambient light sensor can be used for user-selectable settings.

This type of television is designed for professional use and therefore the best choice for outdoor Digital Signage. Available in sizes from 47 to 55 inch.


About SunBriteTV

Sealed, watertight and protected

The number one true outdoor television finally made its way to Europe. SunBriteTV, market leader in outdoor televisions for already 10 years, engineered a TV safe for outdoor use, which operates in high and low temperatures and is able to handle different kinds of weather elements. Wind, humidity, dust, rain, snow and even salt fog, it won’t harm your outdoor TV at all. SunBriteTV’s are durable and have a seamlessly sealed exterior to protect the internal components.

The beautiful slim Signature Series is the perfect television for residential use. With its design it adds value to every garden.

The Pro and Marquee Series are suitable for watching TV in direct sunlight. The Marquee equipped with a 2000 NIT screen is the perfect digital signage outdoor solution.


Main Features of SunBriteTV

What does a SunBriteTV television offers?
Rain, salt fog, mist, humidity or snow. Not a problem at all for a SunBriteTV television.
Viewable in any kind of weather
SunBriteTV televisions are viewable in direct sunlight. Thanks to the ultra-bright screen watching television outside on a sunny day is possible.
Attract more customers
With a SunBriteTV digital signage screen you can attract and inform more customers.
Extend your living room
SunBriteTV is the perfect way to extend your living room. Imagine how nice it would be to watch your favorite program while enjoying a nice summer night.
Tests & Warranty
SunBriteTV televisions are well tested. They withstand high-heat, humid and salt-air conditions.
Multiple accessories are available to combine with your SunBriteTV television. For example the weatherproof soundbar or dust covers.

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Watch our demonstration video
Watch the video below to see how much abuse a SunBriteTV television can take!